Early Waratah


~ Purrrrticulars ~

This is what we said at the beginning, now we are Australia’s first and only national cat registering organisation.


To be a totally professional organisation responsive to the needs of all cats -their owners, breeders and exhibitors; and it’s strength as a totally new organisation, is able to utilise the latest technology and world-wide accepted procedures to improve the quality and companionability of all cats, making cat breeding, exhibiting and owning an enjoyable, rewarding event.


It’s an exciting time for the team at the WNCA - the latest cat registering body in Australia. It is hard too believe that we are only 6 years old and growing by leaps and bounds ~ “literally”. The WNCA incorporated in New South Wales is creating a competitive environment for the betterment of cats and cat orientated services as a whole, similar to other states in Australia where there are two or more cat governing bodies in existence. Competition creates productivity, competition means you benefit by being able to choose the best possible service for your specific needs and as a democratic country we have FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

Just as there are different cat breeds, their are different owners of cats with different requirements in New South Wales, Australia and the world as a whole - many individuals and groups supporting one another in the love they share for their cats. This love may be simply a companion cat, or it may be a hobby of exhibiting or breeding, or it may have taken over your whole life and a hobby has expanded to a business enterprise - your enjoyment of owning, exhibiting and breeding has led you to a challenging career path. Then you in that career path must offer the best to your cats and ultimately your customers. We at WNCA understand these needs and will assist the individual or group to develop in whatever way they so choose. Develop your talent in key areas that you have previously left unimagined. Take the opportunity to be involved with WNCA in an exciting new era of cat ownership that will move towards the year 2002 and beyond into the 21st century. As a WNCA member your input is vitally important.

Your comments on how the alliance operates are necessary to keep a progressive, dynamic service available to its members and the general public.

Members - receive exclusive benefits that will expand as the WNCA develops. Member discounts will be available at participating venues.

Cattery of Excellence Program where successful catteries may advertise that they have achieved a high standard of attainment.

Veterinary Advice Panel whom will disseminate and advise on a range of issues.

Open-Bay Style Judging ~ a friendly, relaxed atmosphere for the exhibitor and cat with judges selected from our national and international network of professional judges who enjoy the interaction of open-bay style judging where the general public and exhibitors can relax and sit comfortably in front of each ring listening to the judges comments as they move amongst the group of cats. Shows can be three, four, five - even six rings. This means that your cat is judged three, four, five - even six times. That’ up to six opportunities to win awards in one or two days!!!

Web-site ~ “surf the net” to our web site. David our congenial “Web Master” will link WNCA members free to our web site - so why not advertise your cats and cattery. There are many cat lovers worldwide who have already discovered us on the net. www.wsca.com.au

Pedigree Register ~ our Cat Data computer geniuses are madly inserting bits and bytes as we speak to add the final touches to a program that will save countless hours of manual labour. Considering we can proudly boast utilising Australia’s leading computer program for the registration of your cats - a program where you can truly control the future of the kitten you are selling, plus it has automatic updates of title status and computer generated cat show running and recording.

Breeds are Group 1 - Persian; Group 2 - Siamese/Oriental; Group 3 - Other Shorthair; Group 4 - Semi-Longhair; Companion Cats = Group 5 - Unregistered Purebreds and, Group 6 - Domestic.

Ring Awards- Challenges, Best in Section, Best in Division, Best of Breed to four places, Best in Group, Top 5 in Ring, Top 10 in Ring - and WNCA Cat of the Year (members only) and the Companion Cat Award for the domestic/part-pedigree.

• Non-members can participate in the services provided such as registration of cats, shows, in fact any of our services except our exclusive member benefits and rates.

Remember… registering your cats with WNCA does not entitle you to membership. Anybody may register their cats with WNCA or any other state body dually or singularly - its your choice, and members are not precluded from registering or exhibiting their cats with any other state body. Imagine, your loving champion stud has won both major prizes within New South Wales, the publicity for your prize “kitty” has just risen, like a champion Commonwealth Games Athlete, who finally wins gold at the Olympics, the rewards are enormous, the accolades exciting… continually improving and competing against the best of the best - and have your cat win the CAT OF THE YEAR* accolade (members only).

• Show calanders are available from the office

As we grow, so will our services, the WNCA is aiming to provide the Cat Fancy of Australia the most progressive services ever offered by a cat registering body. The WNCA will announce special events, planing is well under way for many new and exciting events. Adela and the team are marketing the WNCA and I’m sure our members will enjoy the benefits that it brings.