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Munchkin Shorthair or Longhair

In 1983 Sandra Hochenedel of Louisiana discovered a short-leg cat she called Blackberry. The short legs are caused by a naturally occurring genetic mutation which results in hypochondroplasty affecting the long bones only with the rest of the cat normal size. They are outgoing, friendly and intelligent, as agile as other breeds of cat and they respond well to being handled. The Munchkin is a small to small-medium, semi-foreign in type, with distinctive short legs. They are as varied in colour and pattern as the domestic and apart from the short legs exhibit no extremes as the breed has been established with augmentation by out crossing to domestic and appropriate pedigree cats. They exhibit shortening and may have slight bowing of the long bones; this does not hamper mobility. The spine is unaffected and similar in form and flexibility to other cat breeds.