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Pixi Bob

The Pixiebob is a relatively recent domestic breed that originated in the Northwestern United States. This is a medium to large-sized, muscular, brawny cat that was intentionally bred to closely resemble the wild Coastal Red Bobcat found in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Pixiebobs come in both long-haired and short-haired varieties, the short-haired Pixiebobs have a wooly thick double coat, giving them a pleasant padded feel when they are petted. The long-haired Pixiebobs have a long, silky coat with beautiful dark lines and spots throughout. The preferred Pixiebob is a spotted brown tabby ranging in shades from creamy to rich tawny to a deeper, more reddish brown. One of the more unusual characteristics of the Pixiebob is that polydactylism is common within the breed. Polydactylism means having up to seven toes extra toes.