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Hi everyone,

I'm mostly emailing my fellow cat lovers but am a bit desperate so have added a few other of my lovely, caring friends in the hope that they may consider my plea. :-)

I've recently started doing some volunteer work for Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption - a charity that rescues animals (mostly cats & kittens from the various pounds) in order to re-home them. Due to the time of year, the pounds are inundated with cats & kittens that have been dumped - one local pound alone has about 100 cats & kittens, no to mention other poor wee creatures!

Soo, if you have any interest in:

a) becoming a short or long term foster carer for such animals until they are re-homed*;

b) adopting a gorgeous cat or kitten; or

c) have a friend/relative/colleague that may be interested in adopting a gorgeous cat or kitten

please let me know ASAP by return email or call my mobile 0410 045 537.

This would literally save a little puddy tat (or puppy or rabbit) and I would be eternally grateful.

I hope this is taken in the right context and no-one is upset by receiving this email. I hope to not bother you again.

Lots of love,

Wendy xx

*most, if not all, relevant expenses would be reimbursed.