Brian Edwards


It has being a privilege and honor to have been President since the founding of Waratah in 1997.  During my time as president, ANCATS has grown from a state club to the only National organisation in Australia and we lead the way in services to our members and the cat fancy. ANCATS uses the “Cat Data” program to coordinate all facets of cat records from registrations, transfers, memberships, complete conduct of presenting shows, automatic title updates and Cat of the Year scores. This new web site culminates many months of work, and there are more innovations to come.


To the founding members, and all the great members that have become a part of the ANCATS family, thank you all for your support over the years.


I am particularly proud of our management committee, who without allowing egos to interfere with their working tirelessly for the club and cats, in a great team spirit.

Deputy Vice President


Ern Fuller


Reared in a semi-rural situation in NZ with cats (British Shorthair), dogs (Fox Terriers), cows, sheep, thoroughbred horses and a variety of poultry. So as a child I was exposed to Agricultural Shows and showed just about anything that had four legs.


I arrived in Australia in the late 1960’s began to show Fox Terriers and then Australian Terriers. This lead to involvement in many clubs where I held president, Secretary, Treasurer and Show Secretary positions. In the wider community I was an active committee member of Dog NSW Ethic Committee and The Blacktown Urban Animal Advisory Committee.


I began my involvement with Show cats when I bought a Bombay in 2002 and then expanded into British in 2006. In 2003 I began stewarding which lead me to doing the judging Course and now am an All Breeds Judge and look forward to many more years enjoying my involvement with Ancats.



Bambi Edwards


I have judged across Australia and the world. Apart from Australia the countries in which I have had the pleasure of judging include the UK, France, Belgium, Malaysia, USA, Japan Dubai and NZ. I am also a very active exhibitor and breeder under the Bajimbi prefix. I am involved in many TV shows with my cats. Along with Brian I was co founder of the Waratah State Cat Alliance in 1997, and proudly now ANCATS.


Brian and I founded the Rex club of NSW many years before Waratah was created and we are life members of both the Rex Club and ANCATS.


I enjoy the secretary’s role as it allows my 44 years of experience in the cat fancy to help improve the position ANCATS holds in the community, and with local and state government discussions.



Tracey Bollard


Animals have always been a part of my life but showing cats happened purely by accident. I am a hairdresser by trade & happened to start doing Bambi Joy Edwards ( international All breeds Judge) hair & it went from there.


About 14 years ago I got my first pedigreed cat a white Devon Rex, Bajimbi Pixie Saboo. I bred Devons for about 5 years & then I got the bug for Burmese. My prefix is Sarboobie after my beloved Saboo.


I have been involved with just about every aspect of showing from secretary of breed clubs to chief cat show lugger & helper to steward. I am currently Waratah National Cat Alliance’s treasurer & have been since the start of Waratah. I still really enjoy stewarding as you get to meet the most wonderful people & you can never stop learning from other judge’s knowledge & experience.


My Burmese have been Cats of the Year & generally do well on the show bench but above all we love them to death. We also have a Siberian husky "Riva" & two small children that have already been exposed greatly to the joys of animals.


I am very grateful to Waratah National for giving me this opportunity to be a group 3 judge & can’t wait to do the rest of the judge’s courses to become an all breeds judge.

Committee Member


Jen Rogers


I'd like to introduce myself to you name is Jennifer Rogers and I've been a member of ANCATS since 1998.


I started showing my Balinese SmudgeWillow as a part pedigree and quickly became addicted. He was closely followed on the show bench by my Birman Phantom, again shown as a part pedigree...


That was when I decided to start showing pedigree cats and my beautiful Balinese Coco (Norlyn CocoCobana) joined our ranks...


My daughter Chelsea joined in as a junior handler... then the beautiful Burmese Simba (Sarboobie Red Uluru) joined our ranks thanks to Tracey Bollard, who just happened to be handy when Chelsea informed me she "needed" a Burmese...


Our first breeding cat in 2005 was a beautiful Burmese girl, Bajimbi Princess Jasmine, and we went on to breed and show our Burmese for a number of years... In 2005 my dream came true and my first boy and girl for my Balinese/Oriental Longhair breeding program arrived in Sydney...


I have shown a number of successful cats under the SmudgeWillow prefix, both Balinese and Burmese, culminating in winning AllBreeds Cat of the Year in 2011 with my wonderful Balinese neuter SmudgeWillow Honky Tonk Man, which was a HUGE thrill!!!! One I never anticipated ever happening!! My girl Templeton Tutti Frutti was also incredibly successful winning Entire Kitten of the Year... And third Entire Cat of the Year... I love, love, love showing my cats and introducing people to the wonderful world of Balinese!! Someone once asked me if I ever get sick of watching my cats in the bench... I replied " when I do, that will be the day I stop showing!!"


I have been involved in running shows (Bits N Pieces, a Companion Cat show and Long n Lanky Group 2 Ring for the past 10 years), stewarding, have been designing the catalogue/guide covers for the last 10 years, helping Brian with various marketing projects and in 2011 Aaron and I organized the Cat of the Year dinner, with Aaron organising the sponsorship and myself organising the event... And spending the money on awesome trophies  ;-)


In my working world I am the Creative Director in a design studio, with an advertising and event management background... Hence my interest in the marketing and promotion of ANCATS and co-ordinating events.


I am passionate about my beautiful cats (and all cats actually), about showing them off and about ANCATS and I would love to continue this passion on the committee.

Committee Member


Cathy Murdock


I remember my first encounter with a Siamese, I was 7 and we were collecting our first pedigree dog, he left such an impression I knew that one day I would be owned by a Siamese.


I always thought I would own a Seal Point until I met my first Blue point at a Cat Care course I did in 1982, that was it I was now wanting a Blue Point, but I still had a black moggie who did not like other cats.


Then finally on New Years Day of 1995 I got my first Siamese, a Blue Point Siamese from John Palmer, one of the last litters he ever bred. Kendall was not a show cat, he was my constant companion, not a morning cat (like me), loved to stay in bed until about 10 or 12 and then expect fooedd.


When I lost him to a heart condition mid December 2001 I felt like piece of me had died too. I needed another Siamese to ease the pain of his loss. I rang Bambi from Bajimbi Cats and she had a little Tabby point boy that would be ready just after Christmas, it was the longest 2 weeks of my life.


I just asked if this little guy was good enough to be shown as I thought this could be a bit of fun. I have been breeding and showing dog’s from 1990 and needed a change.


I went to my first show in January 2002, so started my showing and eventually breeding cats and now I will never be without a Siamese or Oriental again.


I have seen ANCats progress to be the premier cat club in Australia and am very proud to not only be a member but on the committee.

Executive Committee


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